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    Dock Run Off Protection: Barrier Gates

    Provide run-off protection on unoccupied dock positions so that loading equipment will not accidentally drive off the edge of the dock, which can cause serious injury or death, and damage the forklift, freight, and building. Types of dock run-off protection include gate barriers and lip barriers.

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    Specifying the Elevating Dock Lift for Your Facility

    Dock Levelers

    Specifying the Elevating Dock

    Hydraulic elevating docks lower forklifts from the loading dock down to the ground. They allow forklifts to enter trucks with very low or high bed heights that are outside the range of docklevelers.

    Specifying The Correct Loading Dock Leveler for Your Facility


    Because a recessed dock leveler has a wider range of operation, it is the best choice to accommodate a wide range of bed heights. Only choose the Edge-of-dock (EOD) leveler if the facility operates within the EOD’s narrow range of applications.

    Read more to find out how to specify the correct Loading Dock Leveler for your facility.

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