Which Dock Bumper is for me?

Posted by Grey Decker Ariam on October 02, 2016

Which Dock Bumper is  me?

Bumpers can absorb 90-95% of the impact of a backing truck colliding with the dock. Bumpers protect against impact damage (Figure 59) and against up-and-down movement of the truck bed during loading. Since bumpers limit how close the truck is parked to the dock, they affect dockleveler lip and seal and shelter projections.

Bumpers protect against impact damage.

Bumpers are available in molded (Figure 60) or laminated (Figure 61) rubber. Standard bumpers are 4 in. thick, but laminated bumpers are also available in 6 in. thickness. The 4 in. bumper reduces the gap between the trailer floor and the dock face. Additional thickness may be required for recessed docks or special applications.

Types of Bumper, Molded Bumpers

Types of Bumper, Laminated rubber bumper

Use steel-face bumpers for high-frequency or heavy-impact applications, or where jockey trucks are used for truck positioning. The steel plate face on the bumper protects against the unusual wear and biting out of the rubber.

Our expert technicians at Loading Dock, Inc. can assist you in choosing the most suitable type of dock bumper to protect your trucks and buildings from wear and tear. They also provide quality dock bumper pad repairs and replacements.  Click on "Book Service Call" below. 

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The following are pictures of different dock bumpers installed by the professional team of repairmen at Loading Dock, Inc.

Dock Bumper, Laminated Bumper pads



Loading Dock, Inc. Molded Bumpers

Dock Bumper, Fabric reinforced rubber pads

 Dock Bumper, rubber pads

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