Upward-Coiling and Side-Folding Security Grilles in NYC & NJ

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on May 21, 2023

Security grilles provide a simple and unobtrusive hurdle against theft and debris, on openings where maximum visibility and minimal impact on the appearance of a building are desired. 

They can be manufactured with aluminum or steel (either galvanized or stainless), and they can have an optional electric motor as well. Their lightweight design makes them easy to operate and their construction is built to last. Our wide array of security grilles provides both reliability and peace of mind for business owners.

Security Grille for Parking Garages in NYC NJ Areas

Upward-Coiling Security Grille in Parking Garage


At Loading Dock Inc., we sell, install, repair, and service upward-coiling security grilles and side-folding security grilles.

Our security grilles offer maximum airflow and excellent visibility.  Not long ago, you could only acquire a galvanized steel or aluminum mill standard finish on a grille's curtain.  However, nowadays, you can find other models other than the most common "jailhouse" look and better yet, over nearly 200 Tiger Drylac RAL color choices!


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Upward-Coiling Security Grilles (Roll-Up Security Grilles)

Our upward-coiling security grilles are ideal for storefronts (food courts and cafeterias for example) because they offer a good-looking yet practical means to secure areas where public access restriction is needed. Their special design provides safety without sacrificing air circulation, light infiltration, or visual access. 

Roll-Up Security GrillesHigh-Speed Roll-Up Security Grille

High-Speed / High-Performance Security Grilles
These are ideal for parking garages because they are specially designed to reduce the risk of tailgating and piggybacking activities and restricting access to unauthorized people to the facilities, and they even allow optimal traffic flow. Our open-air model grilles allow full visual access and air circulation without neglecting the priority: providing security. Additionally, some models don’t even require a lot of maintenance or replacement parts, except for routine checks.

Upward Coiling Security Grille NYC NJ Area 1High-Speed Roll-Up Security Grille


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Side-Folding Security Grilles

Our side-folding security grilles offer a wide range of options and features, including different curtain colors, patterns, and finishes. 

Side-Folding Full-Enclosure Security Grilles
Our side-folding full-enclosure security grilles are ideal for retail applications in malls (such as shops and cafeterias) and airport concourses mainly because they offer a secure barrier against theft and debris. We have four different panel material models to choose from, all of which are available in standard and wide-body variations. These models are perforated steel, aluminum, tempered glass, and clear polycarbonate.

Side-Folding Security Grille in New JerseySide-Folding Full-Enclosure Security Grille

Side-Folding Open-Air Security Grilles or Pull-Out Gates
Our pull-out gates or side-folding security grilles series are an ideal option for applications where security is the priority, but maximum air circulation, light infiltration, and interior visual access is still desired. One of their main features is that they require a short space for installation, offering superior compactness. These grilles are not only handsome but secure against theft and debris with almost endless design options for customization. 

Open Air Security Grille in NYC NJ

Side-Folding Open-Air Security Grille

Don’t know where to start? Contact us! One of our expert members of the team will assist you in finding which option is right for you. Call 973-471-4060 or email info@loadingdock.com

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