Lift Tables

Lift Tables & Mobile Lift Tables in NJ Area


Lift Tables & Mobile Lift Tables

The dock lifts help increase productivity, profitability and employee safety with cost-effective solutions that will allow you to move products safely and easily in your facilities and on the loading dock areas.

Our team can repair, service, maintain and install all kinds of dock lift systems for your project. We have indoor and outdoor dock lifts that can handle the weather elements.  

Our interior dock lifts, also known as dock elevator lifts, will allow you to carry products of different capacity loads. 

Lift Table by Kike Inc. in NYC Area


We offer lift tables, rotating lifts, industrial platform lifts, positioning tables, multistage scissor lift solutions, and tilters in numerous configurations.


These mobile tables are ideal for transporting loads to and from work cells, where they can be used as work platforms or raised and lowered to facilitate load transfer to tables or benches.

Portable/Mobile Lift in NJ Area
Custom High-Lifts & Scissor Lifts in NJ Area


Custom high lifts and scissor lifts designed to assure stability and rigidity.


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Lift Tables Repairs & Lift Tables Emergency Repairs

Is your lift table not working properly? Our team can diagnose and and repair your lift tables and any other loading dock equipment that you have. 

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Maintenance Plans for Lift Tables

Lift tables need continuous maintenance and service so it can operate at optimal performance.

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