Air Curtains (Air Doors) For Loading Docks in 2023

Commercial and Industrial Applications for Air Purification, Climate Control, Sanitation & Bug Control

Air curtains (mounted usually above doorways), separate interior and exterior temperatures with an air stream that hits the floor with a particular position and velocity.

Commercial & industrial air curtains (air doors) are equipped to handle the unique challenges presented by every environment, from temperatures (by stopping cold or warm air from entering your climate-controlled environment), dust, debris, bugs, and much more. These air curtains (air doors) are usually installed in retail stores, environments with consistent levels of pedestrian foot traffic. 

Installing air curtains at warehousing, manufacturing, food-processing, and cold-storage facilities represent a huge benefit in energy savings and improved indoor air quality. According to the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) handbook, an air curtain can be up to 80 percent effective in preventing infiltration through an open door.

Air Curtains in NYC for Air Purification COVID, Bug Control and Climate ControlAir Curtain | Air Door in a Retail Store

Benefits of Installing an Air Curtain:

✓ Air Purification (killing 99.9% of COVID-19 passing through the system
✓ Customer entry door (fashionable, low-profile air curtain designed for front-entry applications)
✓ Climate control (maintaining interior temperature)
✓ Insect control (prevent insects from entering through open doors)
✓ Food Service | Sanitation
✓ Cold Storage (maintaining interior temperature)
✓ Vestibule exception

From a small drive-thru window to large cold-storage freezer, Powered Aire makes an air curtain (air door) for every environment, regardless of size, location or application.

These curtains are aesthetically pleasing and quietly perform at the highest level to maximize employee/customer comfort and energy savings.

Video: See How the Air Curtain (Air Door) Works

Air Curtain

✓ Retail stores
✓ Cold storage
✓ Education & institutions
✓ Manufacturing and warehouses
✓ Foodservice
✓ Entertainment venues
✓ Hospitals & health care
✓ Transportation terminals
✓ Hazardous & corrosive
✓ Aircraft Hangar doors
✓  Shipyard doors
✓ Train bay doors

We have the most powerful industrial air curtains designed for aircraft hangar doors, shipyard doors, and other extremely large industrial openings up to 50 feet in height. Providing an air barrier from unconditioned air, insects, dust, fumes, and other harmful containment.

Air Curtains in a Restaurant in NJAir Curtain | Air Door in a Restaurant

Not sure what you're looking for? Contact us. One of our experts will help you pick the best air curtain/air door based on your needs. 

Visit our Roll-Up Bug Screen Doors page.

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