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What Is The Purpose of a Vehicle Restraint System? (Truck Restraint)

The main purpose of a vehicle restraint safety system is to prevent unscheduled truck departures at the loading dock.  These are designed to lock a truck/trailer in the proper position at the loading[...]

By Loading Dock Expert | August 26, 2022

What Type of Coiling Door (Roll-Up Door) is Right for You?

The design and functionality of your commercial or industrial overhead coiling door will depend on your day-to-day needs. Our experts at Loading Dock, Inc. have 40+ years of experience helping[...]

Full Vision High-Speed Roll-Up Doors for Auto Dealerships | NYC & NJ

Did you know that 2 in 3 shoppers decide not to visit a business based solely on the exterior view from the street? If you run an auto dealership it is very important to add attractive full vision[...]

Importance of Preventive Maintenance on Scissor Lifts & Dock Lifts

In order for you to avoid costly breakdowns and production interruptions, we suggest you implement a scheduled maintenance program for your scissor lifts and/or dock lifts, even if the equipment[...]

Everything You Need to Know About Coiling Overhead Doors

You'd be surprised to learn how many choices you have when searching for coiling overhead doors and/or security grilles. 

By Overhead Door Expert | April 21, 2022

Do I Need To Replace or Repair My Dock Leveler (Dock Plate)?

There are many reasons why you may need to replace a dock leveler (also known as dock plates) as they, like the bridges, are used over time and although they may seem like a long-lived piece of[...]

By Loading Dock Expert | March 19, 2022
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