Is your rusty and worn out scissor dock lift safe?

Dock Lifts are exposed to many hazards, such as truck and weather damage. Their structural members and hydraulics are usually found sitting in water.

Rust is the number one reason that a dock lift needs to be replaced.  Have your old, worn out, tired dock lift inspected by us today!


Get a no Cost Review of your dock lift.  Let us help you determine if you need a new dock lift or if you can repair the one that you have.

Get a no Cost Review of your dock lift.





How to Select a Proper Dock Lift for Your Operation

Dock lifts have two advantages over other means of unloading trucks. 1) Level unloading from the bed of a truck is safer than any other alternative and 2) dock lifts are the only type of equipment that can reach from ground level to all sizes of trucks ranging from low step vans to large refrigerated reefers. There is no vehicle size that dock lifts can not service. Once you realize the benefits of level loading with dock lifts, the next question is which type and model of dock lift best fits your application and what options should you consider. This paper offers some guidelines for your decision making process.

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