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Importance of Preventive Maintenance on Scissor Lifts & Dock Lifts

In order for you to avoid costly breakdowns and production interruptions, we suggest you implement a scheduled maintenance program for your scissor lifts and/or dock lifts, even if the equipment[...]

Do I Need To Replace or Repair My Dock Leveler (Dock Plate)?

There are many reasons why you may need to replace a dock leveler (also known as dock plates) as they, like the bridges, are used over time and although they may seem like a long-lived piece of[...]

By Loading Dock Expert | March 19, 2022

What Dock Lift Will Work Best For My Business? | By Loading Dock, Inc.

There are so many different models of dock lifts in the market, that choosing the right one for your facility may be confusing or even overwhelming. In this blog post, you will find some guidelines[...]

By Loading Dock Expert | January 01, 2022

Main Differences Between Mechanical and Hydraulic Dock Levelers

A dock leveler (also known as a dock plate) helps to improve the loading and unloading process in a loading dock by creating a bridge between the trailer bed and the facility’s floor.

By Loading Dock Expert | November 17, 2021

Low Headroom Sectional and Rolling Overhead Doors for Tight Spaces

In NJ and New York City, space is a premium.  There are really 3 different ways to do an overhead door or rolling door with low headroom (also known as low clearance garage door or low profile garage[...]

By Loading Dock Expert | September 08, 2021

How Experts Know When to Repair, or Replace Loading Dock Equipment?

Human error, wear and tear or aging are all factors to expect and plan for during your equipment’s lifespan. Will you replace your loading dock equipment, upgrade it or repair it when something goes[...]

By Loading Dock Expert | July 22, 2021
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