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The Role of Commercial Doors in Hospitals & Medical Facilities

In the realm of healthcare, safety reigns supreme. Hospitals and medical facilities leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize comfort, accessibility, and cleanliness, all in service of providing a[...]

Discover the 12 Key Locations for Installing Fire Curtains

Prioritizing fire safety stands as a paramount concern for both businesses and institutions, emphasizing the crucial importance of protecting lives and property.

Commercial Garage Door Dilemmas: Repair or Replace?

A commercial garage door serves the crucial role of ensuring secure business operations. Beyond security, a high-quality door offers additional benefits. Insulated overhead doors or roll-up doors[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | April 27, 2024

Loading Dock, Inc. and Won-Door: A Dynamic Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of Loading Dock Inc. – a proud partnership with Won-Door Corporation. As our esteemed new manufacturer, Won-Door brings[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | January 25, 2024

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Commercial Garage Doors

Proactive care is crucial for more than just your car and home; it's also vital for your business and overall well-being. Embrace a proactive approach with preventive maintenance for your commercial[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | December 29, 2023

Beginners Guide for Purchasing a Fire-Rated Rolling Door (2024)

Fire-rated rolling doors, smoke curtains and fire curtains present crucial features like certain fire-resistant materials and are part of a passive fire protection strategy. Their “mission” is to[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | December 20, 2023
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