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Loading Dock, Inc. and Won-Door: A Dynamic Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of Loading Dock Inc. – a proud partnership with Won-Door Corporation. As our esteemed new manufacturer, Won-Door brings[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | January 25, 2024

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance for Your Commercial Garage Doors

Proactive care is essential for your car, home, and overall well-being. Extend this approach to your business by considering preventive maintenance for your commercial overhead doors and security[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | December 29, 2023

Beginners Guide for Purchasing a Fire-Rated Rolling Door (2024)

Fire-rated rolling doors, smoke curtains and fire curtains present crucial features like certain fire-resistant materials and are part of a passive fire protection strategy. Their “mission” is to[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | December 20, 2023

Benefits of Installing a Commercial Garage Door with a Man Door

When space constraints make it impractical to install a standard entry door, a commercial garage door with a man door (also called a pass-through door and walk-through door) offers a practical[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | October 27, 2023

Find the Perfect High-Speed Door for Your Building in NYC & NJ

Experience uninterrupted performance for your warehouse or industrial application by installing high-speed doors (also known as high-performance doors). At Loading Dock Inc., our expertise lies in[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | September 29, 2023

Ten Benefits of Choosing an Insulated Commercial Overhead Door

As you may know, there are plenty of options available on the market to suit any business needs. It all depends on where your focus and your priorities are. However, one thing we know for sure, is[...]

By Overhead Door Expert | August 25, 2023
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