Safety Systems for Warehouse Overhead Doors

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Posted by Loading Dock Expert on January 27, 2021

Worker safety in manufacturing and warehousing operations should always be a high priority. In this blog post, you will learn about some safety features for warehouse doors, such as high-speed doors or high-performance doors, that can be implemented in any warehouse to protect both, your employees, your products, and your facility.

Shocking Warehouse Safety Statistics:

According to Koke, Inc., there are 34,900+ serious injuries and 90+ people killed because of forklift accidents each year. 25% of those accidents are because a forklift overturned. Other common injuries that occur in warehouses are slip and fall, and injuries from lifting, pushing, pulling, and reaching materials.

The National Safety Council said that a worker injury costs a company between $38,000 and $150,000 in indirect costs.

Safety Systems for Warehouse Overhead Doors:

To keep forklift operators and another personnel safe around them, you can implement one or multiple safety features that are available for high-speed doors, high-performance doors as well as for other modern overhead doors.

1. Hands-Free Operation: To ensure worker health and overall plant safety during the current pandemic conditions, hands-free activation of doors is essential, they signal the door to open and close when they detect the presence of people, forklifts, and other equipment.
Benefits of installing Hands-Free Operation: Unnecessary touching of buttons, faceplates, or other access component reduces the physical spread of germ and viruses, further ensuring staff health and safety, as equipment operators don’t have to take their hands off of controls or get off of their machines to manually actuate the door, thus minimizing the amount of time the doors are open and helps these facilities to maintain safe operation.

2. Reversing Bottom Sensing Edge: The door will automatically reverse when sensors sense an obstruction.

3. Basic Safety/Signaling Options: Warning lights can be used to signal to traffic the door status, movement, or issues. Some of the basic devices that are available are:

- Rotating Lights

- Traffic Lights: Red/Green

- Traffic lights: Red/Yellow/Green

- Strobe Lights

Dock Lights Communication Packages-1

4. Enhanced Safety/Signaling Devices - Safety Light Systems: They provide visual indicators near the door that warn nearby workers that the door panel is about to move. They detect if a person or other obstruction is blocking the door's path and prevent it from closing. These are designed to provide increased safety and warning in the door threshold.

5. Manual Open Option: Some high-speed doors can be equipped with a manual pull option so that in the event of power loss, workers can still open them. 

6. Audible Alert System: It stores and plays back pre-recorded or user-created messages that can be played during various door activities.

7. Countdown Clock: Countdown clock signals traffic how much time is remaining before the door begins closing. Adjustable time is set in the System 4 controller and automatically synchronizes the clock to the set time value. Includes articulating mounting bracket.

Rytecs Countdown Clock

8. Vehicle Restraints: Many forklift accidents are caused by a truck departing prematurely from the dock or creeping away. A vehicle restraint will prevent accidents by securing a trailer to the dock and providing better communication between the truck driver and dock attendant.

It’s time for a safety and efficiency upgrade if your manufacturing, distribution or warehousing facilities still use older sectional doors or slow, maintenance-prone panel doors.

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