Ten Benefits of Choosing an Insulated Commercial Overhead Door

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on August 25, 2023

As you may know, there are plenty of options available on the market to suit any business needs. It all depends on where your focus and your priorities are. However, one thing we know for sure, is that insulated garage doors provide a wide range of features that will meet anyone’s needs, from weather resistance to security against intruders, among others. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right door for your business.

OHD Insulated Sectional Steel Doors, Loading Dock Doors Thermacore NYC NJ 1Insulated Sectional Steel Doors

Roll-up doors and sectional steel doors can be insulated as well as non-insulated. If insulation is what you are looking for, all you have to do is define the kind of insulation you need to start enjoying the advantages of enhanced overall performance as well as relax knowing you have acquired a product that will not only keep your business running smoothly but also all your assets safely guarded.


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What Is the Difference Between an Insulated and Non-Insulated Commercial Door?

The main difference is basically the presence or absence of insulation foam which, of course, is present in insulated garage doors and directly affects its durability, rigidity, sound transmission, and thermal resistance.

It is especially important to consider acquiring an insulated garage door if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions because it will really protect your facilities and its special features will also have a huge positive impact on your energy bill.

Insulated Commercial Door with snow in NJ NYCInsulated Sectional Steel Doors


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Insulated Service Doors

There are some crucial things to consider when thinking of acquiring insulated doors, such as:

* R-value: This determines the door’s thermal resistance, that is, how much it can withstand the outside weather conditions from entering the facilities. The higher this number is, the better.

* U-factor: This number lets you know how much heat is lost or gained by a tested heat transfer value through radiation or conduction. The lower this number is, the better.

* STC rating: This refers to sound-blocking performance, meaning how effective the door is at resisting the passage of airborne sound. The higher this number is, the better.

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Main Benefits of Acquiring an Insulated Roll-Up Door or an Insulated Sectional Overhead Door

These are some of the main benefits that you will get if you decide to install an insulated rolling door or an insulated overhead door:

☑ Climate Control
This is vital in businesses such as warehouses where goods are stored, for they must be kept under optimal conditions. However, it is also very important to preserve a comfortable indoor temperature as well as the employees' safety. Our doors come with a very high-quality seal that will protect your facilities against the elements.

☑ Lower Insurance Premiums
When insurance companies see that business owners really care about their businesses by taking actions towards maintaining high-quality goods and a safe facility, they might be willing to provide a discount for your proactive stance, which translates into saving that money to invest it wisely in your business.

☑ Energy Efficiency
With insulated garage doors, HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to regulate the temperature in your facilities, therefore, your energy bills will be directly impacted in a good way. Also, since your HVAC won’t have to run to full capacity, you will need less maintenance and repairs.

☑ Environmental Consciousness
This is correlated to the previous point of energy efficiency, because increasing the energy efficiency in your facilities, translates to a lower environmental impact by reducing your carbon footprint and resource consumption.

☑ Cost Savings
Since insulated garage doors are stronger and sturdier, and therefore, low-maintenance, you will spend less money not only on energy bills and insurance premiums but also save money on repairs, which means you will get more value from your commercial garage door for a longer period of time without having to worry for sudden breakdowns and the downtime that comes with it.

☑ Durability
Adding insulation to an already inherently durable roll-up garage door or sectional door doubles its resilience because these kinds of doors have a powerfully built curtain with added layers of insulation, and also the materials they are made of (steel and aluminum) contribute to making them a long-lasting acquisition.

☑ Noise Reduction
Another advantage of insulated garage doors is their two-way noise reduction, for they work as noise buffers by preventing loud noises from escaping your facility and also stopping them from entering it.

☑ Security
Our insulated roll-up garage doors and sectional doors provide more resistance to break-ins because of the strong materials they are manufactured with. This characteristic is especially useful for healthcare or manufacturing industries where business owners need to protect their loading docks and storage facilities from burglars, keeping all their highly valuable assets and supplies safe, so in those cases, this is a MUST-HAVE.

☑ Increased Space
Roll-up doors roll into a well-supported coil supported by guides that hold it while being open, which frees the ceiling space making it available for storing items closer to the door. These doors are especially easy to operate, and since there is not as much wear and tear, they offer a longer life span.

☑ Flexible Style
Our commercial overhead doors are highly customizable. There is a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to materials like aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. There are some other features you can add such as over 180 powder coating options, entrapment protection devices, curved track construction, vinyl graphics, and other creative solutions that will make your brand stand out.

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How Do I Know Which Insulated Door is Best for My Needs?

Now that you’ve already learned about the benefits you can obtain from adding insulation to your roll-up doors or sectional doors (enhanced energy savings, increased security, and a comfortable indoor environment, among others), how do you know what kind of insulated door is best for your particular business? Of course it will depend on what your facility is used for and the kinds of features you need from your insulated roll-up garage door. 

Wayne Dalton Insulated Commercial Rolling Service DoorInsulated Roll-Up Door

At Loading Dock Inc., we offer not just a wide range of insulated commercial doors for various applications, but we also provide solutions for the challenges of any business. We have more than 40 years of experience on the market that provides us with the knowledge and expertise needed to not only advise but also provide our customers with the highest quality products, as well as deliver excellent service with every single project. 

All our doors are custom-made and built to order, so the final product is completely up to you. 

If you want to learn more, contact us today! We have a team of experts that will definitely guide you in the process. You can email us at info@loadingdock.com or call 973-471-4060. 

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