Insulated and Non-Insulated Sectional Doors

Sectional Steel Doors
Insulated & Non-Insulated

At Loading Dock, Inc. we offer a wide selection of sectional steel doors for a variety of industries. Our doors are known for their durability, reliability, strength, and low maintenance costs.

An array of door panel profiles, track and hardware, and specialized options allows you to further customize these doors to your specific project requirements.

Top-quality materials, excellent field service and optional maintenance program contribute to extended door life, low maintenance costs and maximum productivity.

Sectional Steel Door 418 WideSectional Steel Doors

Door types:

✓ INSULATED SECTIONAL DOORS: For heavy-duty and medium duty commercial or industrial applications.
An insulated garage door prevents heat from escaping through your commercial or industrial door in the winter, while during warmer seasons, insulation prevents excess hot air from getting into your facility.

✓ NON-INSULATED SECTIONAL DOORS: For heavy-duty and medium duty commercial or industrial applications.

BULLETPROOF INSULATED SECTIONAL DOORS: For heavy-duty  commercial or industrial applications. Learn more about the bulletproof insulated sectional doors.


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