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Posted by Overhead Door Expert on August 24, 2021

Some of the places such as fire stations, hospitals, government buildings and residential buildings, can't function properly without a secure and effective high-performance parking garage door

By installing a high-performance parking door, you will reduce the risk of tailgating and piggybacking, or the entrance of unauthorized traffic into the facility.

Rytec offers a wide variety of high-speed doors and high-performance rolling doors for parking garages which are strong and long walled slats with integral rubber long-term security while maintaining overall structural aesthetics. Their doors are built for durability. Whether designing or managing parking facilities, maintaining security and complete control are critical aspects of a successful operation

Rytec High-Performance Parking Garage Doors:

These are just some of the high-speed, high-performance parking garage doors that we offer at Loading Dock, Inc. 

Spiral® High-Performance Door 

Wherever security, aesthetics, and reliability are priorities, these high-performance rigid rolling doors can be installed. 

- Insulated, ventilated or vision slats option available
- Exclusive, patented technology
- Opening speed up to 60 inches per second
- Rigid aluminum double-walled slats with integral rubber weather seals

Rytec Aluminum High-Speed DoorsRytec Spiral® | High-Speed, High-Performance Door

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Spiral® FV® - Ultra-High-Speed, Full Vision Door

Without compromising security ,with clear, bronze or grey tinted slats, ultra-high-performance rigid rolling doors provide full-height vision for added safety.

- Shatter-proof and scratch resistant LEXAN ™ slats
- Full width continuous window slats provide excellent visibility
- Opening speed up to 100 inches per second
- Sleek, high-tech aesthetics

Rytec Spiral® FV®  High Performance Door, High Speed High Performance Door NJ NYCRytec's Spiral® FV® | Ultra-High-Speed Door

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✓ Spiral® LH® High-Performance Door (Low-Headroom)

While providing safety and security, it allows for installation within 11-inch clearance space with unique low-headroom track configuration. 

- Opening speed of up to 60 inches per second
- Integral rubber weatherseal between the slats provides a tight weatherseal across the entire panel
- Low lintel design requires only 10 inches headroom
- Insulated, ventilated or vision slat options available
- Optional vision slats are available

Rytec Spiral® LH® High-Performance Door (Low-Headroom) NYC NJSpiral® LH® High-Speed Door for Low-Headroom Applications 

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✓Spiral® VT High Performance Door (Ventilated)

With unique panel design allows for maximum ventilation while maintaining security, safety and speed, are the High-performance rigid rolling doors.

- Opening speed up to 100 inches per second
- Provides air flow and security for high-cycle, high speed operations
- Maximize fresh air with ventilated slats to meet ventilation requirements of the garage.
- The Spiral VT perforated door is ideal for ventilated parking and security applications.

Rytec Spiral® VT High Performance Door NYC NJSpiral® VT High-Performance Door
for Maximum Ventilation

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✓ Spiral® LP High Performance, Low Profile Rolling Door

This high-performance roll-up door is designed with a low profile and low headroom configuration to fit in limited space applications while providing safety and security. This reduced profile can benefit many parking garages and other commercial structures. With a reduced profile allowing it to fit in tighter spaces, it is the ideal low-profile parking door. It is also equally optimal for security, automotive dealerships, and government installations.

- Opening speed up to 36 inches per second
- Insulated, ventilated, or vision slat options are available

- Low profile side column and headroom configuration allows it to fit into tighter spaces
- Rigid aluminum double-walled slats with integral rubber weather seals
- Integral rubber weather seal between the slats provides a tight weather seal across the entire panel

Rytec Spiral LP Low profile, low headroom, high performance door NYC NJSpiral® LP High Performance, Low Profile Rolling Door

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Fast-Seal® High Performance Door

The Fast-Seal high-performance door was the first high-speed industrial door that could take a hit without suffering damage. It can also take a hit and withstand high winds or negative pressure in virtually any application.

- 3-ply Rylon ™ door panel
- Dual counterweights and independent curtain tensioning system
- Opening speed up to 50 inches per second
- Industry-leading high-speed rolling door
- Patented Break-Away bottom bar can be reset in just seconds, without tools.

Rytec Fast-Seal® High Performance DoorFast-Seal® - High Speed, High-Performance Door

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As you can see, at Loading Dock, Inc. we offer the best high-performance and high-speed parking garage doors that are available in the US. Our sales team has the knowledge and vast experience to assist you with your parking garage door purchase. We've been serving NYC & NJ area for 40+ years. 

For more information about commercial or industrial overhead doors, or any other loading dock equipment need that you may have, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at info@loadingdock.com

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