Extended Loading Dock Levelers & Tapered Dock Seals for Declining Driveways

Sometimes you have buildings with severe masonry damage on the wall due to poorly designed loading dock equipment.

6 Points to Understand About Edge of Dock Levelers


1. The Edge-of-Dock (EOD) dockleveler (Image 1) is a low-cost alternative with a short ramp. An EOD is mounted to the face of the dock and secured to a curb channel embedded in the concrete. They are available in standard load capacities of up to 35,000 lb. 

Read more for the other points you must consider about Edge of Dock Levelers. 

Vertical Storage Leveler Service, Repair & Installation for Cold Storage Facilities

Vertical Storage Leveler Installation for Cold Storage Facilities

Are you planning to get a vertical storage leveler installed to your cold storage facility? Keep in mind that vertical storage leveler installation requires proper execution and should be provided by knowledgeable loading dock  service professionals. Every single detail of installation; from wall foundation preparation up to the final installation process, should be meticulously performed in order to ensure that your vertical storage leveler will take good care of your cold storage facility. 

10 SuperTips to Prevent Your Loading Dock Problem

10 SuperTips to Prevent Your Loading Dock Problem

Loading dock equipment; such as dock levelers require proper usage and installation based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Not all dock levelers are same. Each dock leveler is created to handle a specific load capacity and performance. Problems generally occur when the operating guidelines are not followed and the person who operates the dock leveler has not been properly trained to operate the dock equipment.  

To clear your worries and guide you in identifying the problem of your loading dock, we have come up with these “10 Supertips to prevent your Loading Dock Problem”.

Dock Run Off Protection: Barrier Gates

Provide run-off protection on unoccupied dock positions so that loading equipment will not accidentally drive off the edge of the dock, which can cause serious injury or death, and damage the forklift, freight, and building. Types of dock run-off protection include gate barriers and lip barriers.

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