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Posted by Overhead Door Expert on June 07, 2022

Did you know that 2 in 3 shoppers decide not to visit a business based solely on the exterior view from the street? If you run an auto dealership it is very important to add attractive full vision high-speed doors to make your business look more appealing to your potential customers.

In the past, there was not such a thing as an attractive roll-up door, but things have changed. At Loading Dock, Inc., we offer high-speed and high-performance roll-up doors with sophisticated looks and great functionality.                       

high-speed-door-999-wideFull Vision High-Speed Roll-Up Door in a Car Service Center


What is a Full Vision High-Speed Rolling Garage Door? 

It is a high-performance garage door that offers nicer aesthetics than regular roll-up doors, opens faster than the average door, and needs low maintenance. 

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Benefits of Installing a Full Vision High-Speed Rolling Door in Auto Dealerships

These are some of the benefits that any car dealership would obtain by installing one of our full vision high-speed doors:

✓ Lower Maintenance Costs
Some of our high-speed doors don’t require as much maintenance as they don’t have pulleys, hinges, wheels, springs, belts, or other high-wear parts.

✓ Clear Visibility Where You Need It
They offer safety benefits as you are able to see if anyone is near the exit even before you open the door. 

✓ Let in Natural Light
It creates a welcoming, comfortable interior atmosphere. Letting in a little sun will change the entire look and feel of your commercial space. These full vision rolling doors are ideal for a car dealership showroom, or anywhere else where customers may spend time.

✓ Curb Appeal                                    
Full view rolling doors can be made of interlocking polycarbonate slats. These designs can be customization to fit your brand aesthetic, and style. 

✓ Safety Features
Our roll-up doors (also known as service doors) offer features to keep you and your business safe. They come with instant reverse/stop functionality, but you can also add pull cords, door alarms, safety devices, and much more. While high-speed roll-up garage doors open at up to 80″ per second, our high-speed doors offer comprehensive safety features to keep you and your car dealership crew safe.

✓ Quiet Operation
At Loading Dock, Inc., we offer the quietest industrial doors on the market. Your customers won’t be disturbed even if your car dealership service entrance door is right next to your showroom.

✓ Potential Energy Savings
By installing an insulated high-speed door you can save up to 20% according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Thanks to weather-tight, door-to-floor gaskets, full vision high-speed garage doors help keep your heating and cooling costs low.

✓ Additional Features
You’ll be able to create a custom door for your car dealership or any other commercial space, including features such as adjustable time delay close mechanisms, activation devices, and motion sensors, among others. 

Full View High-Speed Roll-Up Garage Door ASI NYC NJFull Vision High-Speed Roll-Up Door in Auto Dealership/ Car Service Center


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Things to Consider When Buying a Full Vision Garage Door

Before you purchase a new high-performance door for your auto dealership, there are a few things you should consider:

- What Is the Goal of Your Project?

In order to design the perfect commercial garage door for your auto dealership, having a clear idea of your goals will give our installers the information they need. Are you looking for security, practicality, exterior appearance, or convenience?


- What Is Your Budget?  

Your budget can affect everything from the model door you select to what additional features you want to add to your project. How much you want or can spend is vital information for most projects although no one wants to make everything about price.


- What Features Do You Need?

Take stock of your needs, wants, and budget, and we will help you find a balance between your budget and the features you’ll need, as we don’t want to install things you’ll never use.

The benefits of these durable, compact garage doors are better visibility, aesthetics without any notable drawbacks, safety, and security.


- How Many Windows Do You Want?

For auto dealerships wanting to show off the cars they sell, full vision slat designs work well, while grouped slats are considered a better option for fleet garages needing less visibility into the interior of the business for security reasons.


High-Speed Door for Auto Dealership NYC NJ ASI DoorsFull Vision High-Speed Roll-Up Door in Auto Dealership


Other Garage Door Ideas for Your Auto Dealership:

Need some additional inspiration? Here are some garage door ideas for your car dealership. Not seeing what you're looking for? Contact us. We have a wide variety of products where you can choose from: 


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Rytec Spiral® FV®  High Performance Door, High Speed High Performance Door NJ NYCFull Vision High-Speed Roll-Up Door in Auto Dealership


Contact our estimating department today for more information. We specialize in high-speed doors for auto dealerships, among other high-performance garage doors for buildings of all types and sizes, from massive parking garages to clean roll-up doors for healthcare & pharmaceutical labs.

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