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Posted by Overhead Door Expert on November 25, 2020

Food & beverage manufacturers, as well as food distributors, need an effective energy management system to control the environment, the traffic and the costs in their facilities. At Loading Dock, Inc. we only work with the best manufacturers, such as Rytec, to offer the best high-speed/high-performance doors for cold storage facilities.

Rytec Turbo-Slide blue double 2 doors
Rytec Turbo-Slide®
High-Performance Doors for Cold Storage Facilities

How High-Performance Doors Can Help?

Modern high-performance doors offer many important benefits to help cold storage facilities and food production facilities to maximize their energy efficiency. 

✓ Energy saving: High-performance doors are manufactured with energy-efficient materials that have a high R-value. When the door is closed, specially designed seals on the sides and bottom form a tight seal allowing to reduce the energy consumption and minimize energy loss. 

✓ Reduced refrigeration costs:  State-of-the-art insulated panels often eliminate the need for conventional defrost systems. That keeps material-handling equipment operating safely through door openings. Less air infiltration leads to lower refrigeration costs.

✓ Fast opening and closing speed: High-speed doors for cold storage facilities facilities allow maximum productivity by reducing temperature and air exchange between controlled environments.

✓ Fewer collisions.  Because of their fast open and close speeds, vehicles are unlikely to collide. In the unlikely event of a forklift-door collision, fabric high-performance doors often can be reset in minutes, minimizing or eliminating downtime. 

✓ Safety: To provide safeguards for forklift operators and other personnel, high performance doors offer a full array of safety features, such as lighting systems, breakaway functionality, and motion sensors.

✓ Reliable: In order to help cold storage facilities keep up with tight shipment schedules and increasing customer demands, high-performance doors for cold storage facilities are typically made of durable, insulated and puncture resistant materials for long-lasting performance.

✓ Low maintenance: Newer and modern doors are more reliable and less prone to downtime and maintenance as heavily insulated doors, the lightweight panels and roll-up or sliding designs of high-performance doors require less strain on operating parts and require lower horsepower drives to operate.

Rytec Turbo-Seal® SR High-Speed Door

Contact us today to discuss your needs. Maybe it is time to upgrade your facility’s cold storage doors. View our full selection of cold storage doors.

Rytec The Ultimate High-Speed Rolling Door for Freezers and Coolers

Turbo-Seal® Freezer Door
High-Speed Rolling Door for Freezers and Coolers 

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