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Posted by Antonio Cuchiara on August 29, 2016

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A damaged and inoperable loading dock leveler and dock plate can slow down your productivity.  Taking care of your loading dock equipment, like dock plates and dock levelers is part of a good business practice. 

Problems with your Dock Plate may arise, if you will use it beyond the allowed load weight capacity. Since it is only suitable for moving light materials.  Dock Levelers, however connects the gap between the dock floor and trailer platform.  Checking your dock levelers and dock plates on a regular basis is the best preventive measure to stave off any malfunction, that can possibly cause slow work-flow, loss profits and injuries sustained in the loading dock area.

Early detection of the problem can eliminate the possibility of facing stressful business dilemmas.  That's why its better ito keep your eyes and ears open when any of your loading dock equipment is  in use.   It is advisable to discontinue operating your loading  dock equipment, once any sign of malfunction is detected and resume until the problem is solved. 

Our versatile team of  technicians at Loading Dock Inc, can offer sustainable solutions and value for service for your loading dock leveler equipment, including repairs for Kelly Dock Leveler equipment.

 Contact our reliable team of technicians at Loading Dock, Inc to schedule a service call for your Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment.

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Check out the types and models of Kelly Dock Loading Levelers that we service by reading more below.

Kelly  started developing engineer designed dock levelers in 1953. They have created the world's first counter balanced dock leveler equipment. They offer different types and models of dock levelers, such as Mechanical Dock Levelers, Air-Powered Dock Levelers, Hydraulic Dock Levelers, Vertical Dock Levelers, Energy Guard, Edge-of-Dock Levelers and Safety barrier lips.

1.Mechanical Dock Levelers

CM Series Mechanical Dock LevelerMechanical Dock Levelers, CM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler

Hydra-cam Lip Assembly

Kelley Mechanical Dock Leveler, Hydra-cam Lip Assembly

Unlimited Float Hold-down

Kelley Mechanical Dock Leveler,Unlimited Float Hold-down

2. Air-Powered Dock Leveler

AFX Air-Powered Dock LevelerKelley Air-Powered Dock Leveler, AFX Air-Powered Dock Leveler

AFS-C Air-Powered Dock Leveler

Kelley Air-Powered Dock Leveler, AFS-C Air Powered Dock Leveler

 3. Hydraulic Dock Levelers

HP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Kelley Hydraulic Dock Levelers, HP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

HK Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler


HHC Series Heavy Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler

Kelley Hydraulic Dock Leveler, HHC Series  Heavy Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler

4. Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

VS Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment, Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, VS Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

 HRH Hydraulic Rail Levelers

Kelley Vertical Storing Dock Levelers, VS Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

5. Energy Guard

Energy Guard Dock Leveler Perimeter Weatherseal

Kelley Energy Guard, Energy Guard Dock Leveler Perimeter Weatherseal

 6. Safety Barrier Lips

Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment,  Safety Barrier Lips

Our highly qualified team of repairmen  at Loading Dock, Inc.  is always ready to offer choices  and credible solutions, for your specific loading dock leveler and dock plate equipment concern.  Click "Schedule Estimate" below↓ to get started!

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