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    Dock Run Off Protection: Barrier Gates

    Provide run-off protection on unoccupied dock positions so that loading equipment will not accidentally drive off the edge of the dock, which can cause serious injury or death, and damage the forklift, freight, and building. Types of dock run-off protection include gate barriers and lip barriers.

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    Top 2 Sealing Systems for Overhead Loading Dock Doors & Gates


    Sealing systems seal off the space between a parked trailer and the building (Image 1). They help to maintan the internal climate, and they protect the freight against damage. Find out  the top 2 Sealing Systems for Overhead Loading Dock Doors & Gates here.

    Design the Loading Dock: Determine Door Sizes

    The maximum trailer size limits are 8’6” wide x 13’6” high (varies by state). With a special permit, a flatbed may exceed the maximum width. 

    Recessed or Pit-Style Dock Levelers in New Jersey and New York

    The recessed, or pit-style (1), dock leveler is the most common type of dock leveler because it has a greater operating range, load range, and life expectancy. Dock levelers are most often installed into pits that are formed into the concrete ahead of time. The pits are sized to meet the exact requirements of the dock levelers being used.

    Repairs for Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment

    A damaged and inoperable loading dock leveler and dock plate can slow down your productivity.  Taking care of your loading dock equipment, like dock plates and dock levelers is part of a good business practice. 

    Problems with your Dock Plate may arise, if you will use it beyond the allowed load weight capacity. Since it is only suitable for moving light materials.  Dock Levelers, however connects the gap between the dock floor and trailer platform.  Checking your dock levelers and dock plates on a regular basis is the best preventive measure to stave off any malfunction, that can possibly cause slow work-flow, loss profits and injuries sustained in the loading dock area.

    Early detection of the problem can eliminate the possibility of facing stressful business dilemmas.  That's why its better ito keep your eyes and ears open when any of your loading dock equipment is  in use.   It is advisable to discontinue operating your loading  dock equipment, once any sign of malfunction is detected and resume until the problem is solved. 

    Our versatile team of  technicians at Loading Dock Inc, can offer sustainable solutions and value for service for your loading dock leveler equipment, including repairs for Kelly Dock Leveler equipment.

     Contact our reliable team of technicians at Loading Dock, Inc to schedule a service call for your Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment.

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    Check out the types and models of Kelly Dock Loading Levelers that we service by reading more below.

    Repairs for Pioneer Dock Leveler Plate Equipment

    Moving equipment, materials and other hefty loads could be hazardous, if you are not utilizing dock levelers. Not just it can be unsafe to the individuals who are engaged, but it can inflict serious damage to the materials or objects that are being transported. 

    Smooth transportation of goods, tools and material handling fork lift vehicles can be made possible with the use of dock levelers. Dock Levelers are very useful, especially when moving forklifts smoothly. This is also because not all trailers have bed heights that are the same level as of the dock. As what I have said earlier, Dock levelers are highly dependable in establishing smooth loading and unloading thus, making sure that goods that are being transported remains intact. That’s why to make certain that productivity takes place during working hours, pay a serious attention to your loading dock leveler equipment. Make it to a point to have them regularly checked for any damage and have them repaired if needed, to ensure safe and uninterrupted work flow.

    When it comes to any kind of loading dock leveler service, call us, may it be maintenance, checkup, replacement and repairs. You should take note that not every loading dock equipment repair company can provide service for all types of loading dock levelers. The next thing is, not every repair and installation company can attend quickly to your service request.  Only a few loading dock repair companies can respond same day and have a full warehouse of dock replacement parts.  We are one of those few leading in New Jersey and New York. 

    Our competent team of experts  at Loading Dock, Inc. can attend to your repairs 24/7. Our factory-trained technicians are skilled in servicing different manufacturers of dock levelers, including repairs for Pioneer dock leveler plate equipment.  

    Read more below to take a closer look at the Pioneer dock leveler equipment that we repair. 

    Design The Loading Dock - Select Dock Doors

    A dock door is required for inside/outside loading docks. The most commonly installed doors are manually operated and are either an overhead sectional door or a roller door. A sectional door is smoother and quieter than a roller door because of rollers that run inside of tracks.

    Types of Dock Plates

    Loading dock plate levelers are one of the most important additions you can make to your dock.

    How to Select a Proper Dock Lift for Your Operation

    Dock lifts have two advantages over other means of unloading trucks. 1) Level unloading from the bed of a truck is safer than any other alternative and 2) dock lifts are the only type of equipment that can reach from ground level to all sizes of trucks ranging from low step vans to large refrigerated reefers. There is no vehicle size that dock lifts can not service. Once you realize the benefits of level loading with dock lifts, the next question is which type and model of dock lift best fits your application and what options should you consider. This paper offers some guidelines for your decision making process.

    Loading Dock Plate Repairs in NJ & NYC

    Call us for loading dock plate repairs in New Jersey and New York City.

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