Repairs for your PowerAmp Loading Dock Equipment

Posted by Maria Lacanlale on July 10, 2019

PowerAmp company started manufacturing loading dock equipment since 1961. They offer comprehensive loading dock solutions and leveling equipment that are high standard and guaranteed safe to use.   

Our highly dedicated team at Loading Dock, Inc. can repair and maintain your PowerAmp loading dock equipment including dock levelers, specialty levelers, safety products and accessories.

We provide repairs for your PowerAmp loading dock equipment such as:

1. Dock Levelers:
1.1 Hydraulic Dock Levelers
1.2 Mechanical Dock Levelers
1.3 Air-Powered Dock Levelers

2. Specialty Levelers
2.1 Edge-of-Dock Levelers (EOD)
2.2 XL Hydraulic Dock Levelers (XL Series)
2.3 Vertical Dock Leveler (VS Series)
2.4 Rail Car Ramp Hydraulic Leveler (RCR Series)
2.5 Hydraulic Dock Leveler with Expandable Lip (Lizard Lip)
2.6 Portable Steel Yard Ramp
2.7 Truck Levelers (Powerlift™)
2.8 Powerspan Bridge

3. Safety Products & Accessories:
3.1 Vehicle Restraints
3.2 Dock Communication Systems
3.3 Safety Barriers
3.4 CentraPower®
3.5 Dock Bumpers

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1. Dock Leveler Repairs | Loading Dock Plate Repairs:

A loading dock plate (also known as dock leveler) is basically a  solid ramp, that efficiently connects the gap between the dock and the truck.  It plays an important role in moving light & heavy materials and safely when employees are working  in the loading dock area.  Manual spring dock plates are highly susceptible to cause accidents  if they have damaged welds, broken pull chain, faulty springs and have accumulated debris. So, instead of buying a new one, why  not just  get them serviced and repaired by  our competent team of highly experienced professionals at Loading Dock, Inc.

Below are pictures and models  of PowerAmp loading dock leveler equipments we service, fix and upgrade:

1.1 Hydraulic Dock Levelers
The hydraulic dock levelers are tough and superior quality dock leveler that gives unmatched efficiency. These type of levelers are extensively hydraulic in terms of operation and structure.

PowerRamp PR Series hydraudlic dock levelers PR Series - Hydraulic Dock Levelers PowerRamp VH Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers

VH Series Hydraulic - Hydraulic Dock Levelers
PowerRamp Hydraulic Dock Levelers
EH Series Hydraulic
PowerRamp LHP Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler
PowerAmp LHP Series Hydraulic


1.2 Air Powered Dock Levelers

PowerRamp AP Series Air Powered Dock Leveler
AP Series Air-Powered Dock Leveler
PowerRamp CentraAir, Air Powered Dock LeverCentraAir® Air Powered Dock Plate


1.3 Mechanical Levelers

PowerRamp Mechanical Levelers NJ NYCHM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler PowerRamp Mechanical Dock LevelersCM Series Mechanical Dock Leveler
PowerRamp Mechanical Dock Levelers
LMP Series Mechanical


Need upgrades and repairs for your PowerAmp Dock Levelers? Book a service call to have them checked by our team of experts.  We can provide cost- effective solutions.

Book a Service CallWe repair all PowerAmp dock leveler models including: EH-66, EH-68, EH-610, EH-656, VH-658, EH-6510, VH-76, EH-78 and EH-710; HM-66, HM-68, HM-610, HM-656, HM-658, HM-6510, HM-76, HM-78 and HM-710; CM-66, CM-68, CM-610, CM-656, CM-658, CM-6510, CM-76, CM-78 and CM-710; LMP-66, LMP-68, LMP-656, LMP-658, LMP-76 and LMP-78.

2. Poweramp Specialty Levelers

2.1 Edge-of-Dock Levelers - Mechanic & Hydraulic 

These EOD Levelers are cautiously constructed and engineered, that are guaranteed to be functional over a long period of time.

PowerRamp Specialty Levelers, EOD Levelers, Edge of Dock Levelers

PowerAmp Mechanic & Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Levelers


2.2 XL Series Hydraulic

XL Series Hydraulic is the boss when it comes to hydraulic dock levelers because of its toughness and advanced fluid-block technology.

PowerRamp Specialty Levelers, XL Hydraulic Dock Leveler, XL Series Hydraulic

XL Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler

2.3 Vertical Dock Levelers - VS Series Hydraulic

PowerAmp's VS Series Hydraulic leveler provides unrivaled ecological restriction for storage of food and for thermal receptive applications.

PowerRamp Specialty Levelers: Vertical Dock Leveler VS Series Hydraulic

Vertical Dock Leveler - VS Series 

2.4 RCR Series Hydraulic

PowerRamp Specialty Levelers, Rail Dock Levelers RCR Series Hydraulic

RCR Series Hydraulic Dock Leveler


2.5 Dock Leveler with Expandable Lip - Lizard Lip

A Specialty hydraulic loading dock with an expandable lip that extends to the back of the truck. This unit functions freely of the leveler. 

Hydraulic Dock Leveler with Extended Lip PowerRamp Lizard LipDock Leveler with Expandable Lip - Lizard Lip


2.6 Portable Steel Yard Ramp

Allows smooth movement from dock height down to the surface ground, or from the ground towards the back of the truck.

PowerRamp Portable Steel Yard Ramp

Portable Yard Ramp

2.7 Truck Levelers (Powerlift™)

PowerLift™ hydraulic truck levelers make loading/unloading safer and easier by eliminating the loading hazards.

PowerRamp Truck Leveler PowerliftPowerlift™ Truck Leveler

2.8 PowerSpan Bridge

Powerspan Bridges allows worry-free passage of railroad spurs and provides easy access connection among buildings.

PowerRamp Powerspan BridgePowerSpan Bridge

Specialty Levelers are more likely to get worn out, or be damaged by excessive use over a long period of time.  Have your PowerAmp Specialty Levelers and other PowerAmp equipment repaired or upgraded

Schedule a ServiceWe repair all PowerAmp specialty dock leveler models including: XL-88, XL-810, XL-812, XL-8.518, XL-8.510, XL-8.512, XL-98, XL-910 and XL-912; VS-65, VS-66, VS-68, VS-655, VS-656, VS-658, VS-75, VS-76 and VS-78; RCR-6.0, RCR-6.5, RCR-7.0, RCR-7.5, RCR-8.0, RCR-8.5 and RCR-9.0.


3. Safety Products & Accessories By PowerAmp: 

3.1  Vehicle Restraints

We service and repair PowerAmp vehicle restraints such as: 

1. PowerHook® Series Automatic
2. PowerHold® Series Automatic
3. TPR® Series Automatic
4. PowerStop® Series Automatic
5. PowerStop® Series Manual
Docklocks PowerRamp Loading Dock Plate -PowerHold Series Automatic

3.2 Dock Communication System: Dock Alert

Dock Alert is a cost-efficient and dependable lighting structure. The Dock Alert serves as a communication channel among the dock personnel and truck drivers.

PowerRamp Dock Communication System, Dock Alert

3.3 Safety Barrier: Barrier Lip Leveler & Bar Lift Barrier
Both barriers ensure that lift trucks won't go over the dock edge and in protecting the overhead door.

PowerRamp Safety Barrier, Barrier Lip Leveler PowerRamp Safety Barrier, Bar Lift Barrier


3.4 CentraPower® Repair:

This has respective control buttons that make the operation convenient and identical to the user. The CentraPower®  is available with a backup pump and motor.

PowerRamp Accessories, CentraPower®


3.5 Loading Dock Bumpers:

PowerAmp dock bumpers are available in 2 varieties: laminated bumpers and molded bumpers.  

PowerRamp Accessories, Dock Bumpers comes in Laminated Bumpers and Molded Bumpers.
Laminated and Molded Dock Bumpers


Optimal performing loading dock equipment guarantees safety and productivity in the workplace. Have the best solution for your PowerAmp equipment needs. 

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