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    Specifying the Elevating Dock Lift for Your Facility

    Dock Levelers

    Specifying the Elevating Dock

    Hydraulic elevating docks lower forklifts from the loading dock down to the ground. They allow forklifts to enter trucks with very low or high bed heights that are outside the range of docklevelers.

    2 Most Common Trailer Restraint Methods (or Dock Locks) at the Loading Dock


     A truck restraint (or a dock lock) prevents a truck from moving during loading and unloading. If a truck leaves the loading dock before loading and unloading is complete, workers can fall into the gap between the truck and dock, causing serious personal injury or death, and freight and equipment can be damaged.

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    Get to know the 2 most common trailer Restraint methods at the Loading Dock by reading more.

    Specifying The Correct Loading Dock Leveler for Your Facility


    Because a recessed dock leveler has a wider range of operation, it is the best choice to accommodate a wide range of bed heights. Only choose the Edge-of-dock (EOD) leveler if the facility operates within the EOD’s narrow range of applications.

    Read more to find out how to specify the correct Loading Dock Leveler for your facility.

    Repairs for DLM Dock Equipment

    The use of loading dock equipment is very vital to  business that involves receiving and delivery of cargos. The performance of your dock equipment will determine how long it will take to unload or load a cargo and how many deliveries you make each day. If there is a great volume of shipments, dock equipment; such as a dock leveler or an edge of dock leveler, will make a point to ensure fast and safe transportation of goods.

    The level of care you provide to your goods should be equally the same, when it comes to taking care of your dock equipment. A well-executed maintenance plan can prolong the life of your dock levelers and repairs can eliminate the problem you experience when operating them.  If repairs cannot solve the problem, then replacement will be your last resort to ensure that money keeps coming in.

    Our well versed technicians at Loading Dock, Inc. have been in the industry for more than 3 decades. They  have carried-out effective repairs, maintenance and replacement for diffrent manufacturers of dock equiment,  including repairs for DLM dock equipment.

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    Take a closer look at the models of DLM dock leveler equipment that we service  by reading more below. 

    Repairs for Pentalift Dock Leveler Equipment

    Dock leveler equipment is necessary for hazard free and uninterrupted loading dock operations. They ensure safe handling and smooth transportation of materials, by connecting the gap between the trailer and dock. To  get in-depth knowledge about what Dock  Leveler is,  check out our previous blog titled, "What is Dock Leveler"

    Generally speaking, the performance and durability of your dock leveler equipment can be sustained through proper installment, maintenance and usage.  Failing to observe proper usage and neglecting even a single defect can make your equipment more susceptible to damage.  As we all know,  these problems can cause a lot of mishaps to your business causing profit loss, and more seriously lawsuit due to blatant negligence.

    Reaching out to a loading dock service company that knows how to execute the right approach to any type, brand and model of dock equipment is the basic step in resolving your problem.  It is also important that the servicemen that you will choose, can provide a quick turn around time in fixing your loading dock equipment

    Our professional team of repairmen at Loading Dock, Inc. can come up with undoubtedly effective solutions and fix your loading dock equipment in no time! They are accustomed in repairing and maintaining any brand of dock leveler equipment and also accept repairs for Pentalift Dock Leveler Equipment.

    Read more to find out types of Pentalift Dock Leveler Equipment that we service.

    Repairs for your Blue Giant Dock Plate Equipment

    When you're looking for dock leveler repair, you want it to be fixed quickly.  As long as its not functioning well it may affect the productivity level of your business and will take a negative effect to your profit. You also want that kind of loading dock repair service that will make your dock levelers work efficiently for long time, delivering convenience and safety.

    Loading Dock Inc, has an extraordinary repair team that can replace and repair any kind of damage to loading dock equipment, Including service, replacements, parts and repairs for your Blue Giant Dock Plate Equipment.

    Blue Giant Dock Levelers started manufacturing dock leveler plate equipment since 1963. They offer dock levelers for any type of material-handling operations.  

    Find out the list of Blue Giant Dock Plate equipment that we service by reading more below.

    Repairs for your PowerRamp Loading Dock Plate Equipment

    A loading dock leveler plate is basically a  solid ramp, that efficiently connects the gap between the dock and the truck.  It plays an important role in moving light & heavy materials and safely when employees are working  in the loading dock area.  Manual spring dock plates are highly susceptible to cause accidents  if they have damaged welds, broken pull chain, faulty springs and have accumulated debris.  So instead of buying a new one, why  not just  get them serviced and repaired by  our competent team of highly experienced professionals at Loading Dock, Inc.

    Loading Dock Glossary of Terms

    Facing the world of Loading Dock management is like going to a new place you’ve never been before- you need to adjust and be familiar with the terms that are commonly used in this industry in order to fit in. Having knowledge and idea with the vocabularies that are often used will break the communication barrier between you and others who are involved in this industry.

    By reading our loading dock glossary of terms below, we hope to reduce your stress and it will guide you in choosing the correct terms that you will use when you need to discuss about a specific concern or inquiry that is related to your loading dock equipment and operations.

    Raised Dock Bumpers

    Raised Dock Bumpers should be considered when there is a difference between the dock height and the trailer truck height. If the truck height is higher than the dock, the truck might miss the bumper. Using Raised Dock Bumpers can prevent damage to the dock equipment and architectural structure of the building , this will save you money from spending on damaged loading dock and buildings.

    For an  instance, on the pictures below you will know why it is important to acquire Raised Dock Bumpersin during loading and unloading:

    Is your rusty and worn out scissor dock lift safe?

    Dock Lifts are exposed to many hazards, such as truck and weather damage. Their structural members and hydraulics are usually found sitting in water.

    Rust is the number one reason that a dock lift needs to be replaced.  Have your old, worn out, tired dock lift inspected by us today!


    Get a no Cost Review of your dock lift.  Let us help you determine if you need a new dock lift or if you can repair the one that you have.

    Get a no Cost Review of your dock lift.





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