Selecting Loading Dock Doors

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Selecting Loading Dock Doors, Loading Dock Door and Truck

A dock door is required for inside/outside loading docks. The most commonly installed doors are manually operated and are either an overhead sectional door or a roller door.

See pictures of roller doors and sectional doors  by reading more below↓

Roller Doors


loading dock doors, white roller doors

loading dock doors, roller doors

 loading dock doors, gray roller doors

loading dock doors, orange roller doors

A sectional door is smoother and quieter than a roller door because of rollers that run inside of tracks. Other advantages of a sectional door are:

 • They are thicker and stronger than a roller door

• They can be insulated

Sectional Doors

loading dock doors, white sectional doors

 loading dock doors, white sectional dock doors

loading dock doors, white sectional dock door

loading dock door, white sectional doors exterior view

NOTE: Install door track protectors to protect the door tracks.


Common dock door dimensions are 8’0” in width with 8 ft, 9 ft or 10 ft heights. Consider extending the door 13 ft to 14 ft above the driveway and a minimum of 8’6” wide if full access to the truck’s interior isrequired. Dock doors dimensions are determined by:

• Type of trucks being serviced

• Sealing system

Environmental concerns

Our adept team of technicians at  Loading Dock, Inc. can  help you in selecting the most suitable loading dock door/s for your business.  Click the "Schedule Estimate" below to get started↓Schedule Estimate

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