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Posted by Antonio Cuchiara on February 10, 2016

Loading dock plates are one of the most important additions you can make to your dock.

The right leveler makes every shipment simpler, 
prevents damage to valuable equipment
and promotes loading dock safety.

There are many different types of dock levelers. Learn more about these different standard types so you can make the right choice when it comes to loading dock equipment for your structure.


Hydraulic Dock Plate Levelers

Adjustable hydraulic dock levelers are a great option for many loading dock areas. These levelers are built for durability even under heavy traffic conditions. There are a number of different options available at LOADING DOCK, INC., check out the push button models that make hydraulic levelers simple.

Hydraulic dock plate levelers nj

Mechanical Dock Plate Levelers

A mechanical dock level has a simple chain operation. These levelers are ideal when you need a budget-friendly leveler that will provide years of great service. A mechanical leveler works under nearly any condition, even in hot or cold weather.

Mechanical Dock Plate Levelers NYC


Edge-of-Dock Plate Levelers

This style of leveler is the industry standard in surface-mounted dock leveler. The up-front cost of these levelers is low, but you don’t sacrifice quality. One of the “Top-of Dock”, hydraulic or mechanical edge-of-dock levelers from The Overhead Door Company of The Meadowlands and NYC will last you for years and stand up to heavy use.

Edge of Dock Plate Levelers NJ

Truck Levelers

Today’s trucks come in so many different styles. Our hydraulic truck levelers make it easy and safe to unload from trucks that may be wider, longer or lower than your loading dock. The right leveler can make every transport quicker, easier and safer for you and your staff.

Truck levelers NYC

As you can see, these dock levelers are an important addition to your loading dock that make every shipment you send out or receive much easier. You may also consider adding bumpers to your dock too--these can protect both your structure and the trucks that are in and out of your dock. Learn more about loading dock bumpers and other accessories, then call or contact LOADING DOCK, INC and let us help you make your loading docks as safe and functional as possible.

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