6 Points to Understand About Edge of Dock Levelers

Posted by Grey Decker Ariam on May 03, 2018

An edge of dock leveler (EOD) acts as a bridge between the gap from the edge of a loading area to a truck or ramp. As opposed to a dockboard, the edge-of-docks are fixed to the loading dock.

6 points to understand about edge of dock loading dock inc service for edge of dock levelers

6 Points to Understand About Edge of Dock Levelers (EOD) :

1. Low Cost: The Edge-of-Dock (EOD) dock leveler is a low-cost alternative with a short ramp. An EOD is mounted to the face of the dock and secured to a curb channel embedded in the concrete. They are available in standard load capacities of up to 35,000 lb. 

2. Short Ramp: Due to its short ramp, the Edge-of-Dock is restricted to a narrow service range of 2 in. above or below the dock. It is suitable only for applications where there is little variation in bed height and where pallet truck under-clearance is sufficient (Image 2).

3. Manual Hand Pallet Carts: Using manual hand pallet carts with even 2 in. difference in height between the dock and trailer can be difficult. If using an Edge-of-Dock with a hand cart, make sure the dock and trailer are at the same height. 

Manual Hand Pallet Cart

4. Sizes: Edge-of-Docks are commonly 72 in. and 66 in. wide. Width selection is primarily based on the loading method. The 72 in. wide EODs offer the most flexibility, but the 66 in. wide EOD is the most popular choice.

5. Mechanical and Hydraulic EODs: Two types of Edge-of-Dock activation systems are available: mechanical and hydraulic. To activate a mechanical EOD, the operator pulls the lip and ramp into the raised position. Then, the lip is lowered down onto the truck bed. Once the truck pulls away, the EOD retracts into the stored position.

Edge of Dock - Mechanical EOD, NYC NJMechanical Edge of Dock Leveler

6. Hydraulic Edge-of-Docks: To activate a hydraulic EOD, the operator presses the button to raise the lip. Once the EOD is fully extended, the operator releases the button and the dock leveler lowers to rest on the trailer bed. Once the truck pulls away, the EOD retracts into the stored position.

Hydraulic Edge of Dock

Hydraulic Edge of Dock Leveler


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6 Points to Understand About Edge of Dock Levelers, loading dock service.


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