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Posted by Overhead Door Expert on August 16, 2020

At Loading Dock, Inc. we offer multiple solutions to keep unwelcome guests such as birds, insects, and rodents, outside your premises by incorporating bug screen doors or air curtains

Typical applications for Bug Screen Doors include:

✓ Loading docks
✓ Warehouses
✓ Distribution centers
✓ Food manufacturing facilities
✓ Packaging environments



    Portable Bug Screen Doors

✓ These doors are designed to be easily moved in and out of the opening. These are budget-friendly solutions that will keep the bugs, birds, and any other unwanted pests outside. Lightweight and very durable while they still allow fresh air into your building. Another important benefit that they offer is that they act as a physical barrier avoiding any trespassing and theft.

✓ These screens help meet FDA and AIB regulations and inspections.

ScPortable Framed Bug Screen in New Jersey
Screen-Pro®  Portable Framed Bug Screens

Sliding Bug Screen Doors  

 Ideal for insect and bird control at loading docks, food processing locations, distribution centers, warehouse opening. These screens will help control the flying insects, while allowing fresh air to come into the workplace, improving the comfort and productivity of the employees.  They are a friendly solution alternative to roll-up screens, as they need a little space in comparison with the one required to mount roll-up screen doors.  Sliding Bug Screens are easy to install and require little maintenance.  

Screen-Pro® Sliding Bug Screen 

Roll-Up Bug Screen Doors:  

✓ These screens are an economical and ideal solution to get rid of your industrial facility bugs, birds, and another unwanted pest. These bug screens avoid trespassing and theft as they act as a physical barrier, while still allowing fresh air into the building.

Roll-Up Bug Screen Door in NYCRoll-Up Bug Screen Door

Sectional Doors with Bug Screens:

✓ These are ‘garage door’ style doors with screening instead of panels or windows.  Special tracking and headroom conditions will be required. 


As you can see, there are many solutions available to have ventilation at your facility while keeping insects, birds, and rodents out. For every need you may have, there exists one particular product, going from placing portable screens to automated roll-up screens. From very budget-friendly to designed with automation and efficiency in mind.

Contact us. We will be more than happy to help you with bug screen doors or any other commercial overhead door that you may need such as rolling doors, fire-rated doorshigh-speed doorscounter doors or loading dock equipment.  Call us at 201-340-0329. Our sales professionals will find the appropriate solution for your particular requirement so that your expectations are met and exceeded. 




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