The Importance of Installing a High-Speed Parking Garage Door

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on March 06, 2020

Hospitals, buildings (residential and commercial), universities, airports, professional facilities, and theme parks, all have one thing in common: the need of having an efficient and secure parking door, in other words, a high-speed parking garage door.

Rytec's High-Speed, High-Performance Door

Rytec's High-Speed Door, High-Performance Door

According to the National Institute of Justice, parking facilities can be conducive to crime because they not only have low pedestrian traffic, but they also have many potential hiding spots for those people looking to commit a crime. 

Having an unsecured doorway can have costly consequences. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) found that one out of every 10 property crimes and one out of every 14 violent crimes occurred either in parking lots or parking structures. 

Despite the parking garage vulnerabilities, there are some ways that we can prevent crime by providing a high level of security to our facilities such as having adequate lighting and installing a high-speed overhead door to prevent piggybacking.

At Loading Dock, Inc. we take safety seriously. As a consequence, we are proud to offer Rytec’s high-performance and high-speed doors. They are built for durability, strength and most importantly, they will provide convenience and long-term security while requiring minimal maintenance.

Rytec's High-Speed Parking Doors Testimonial

Rytec’s high-speed doors will prohibit unauthorized access and will allow the traffic to keep flowing during the busiest hours. Some of our models are insulated, which means that they can also reduce significantly expenses by reducing the loss of heated air.

It is also important to mention that the wide variety of models (modern and traditional styles), as well as our custom match colors, will allow keeping the aesthetic appeal of every architectural style.


Rytec's High-Speed, High-Performance Door


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