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    10 SuperTips to Prevent Your Loading Dock Problem

    10 SuperTips to Prevent Your Loading Dock Problem

    Loading dock equipment; such as dock levelers require proper usage and installation based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.  Not all dock levelers are same. Each dock leveler is created to handle a specific load capacity and performance. Problems generally occur when the operating guidelines are not followed and the person who operates the dock leveler has not been properly trained to operate the dock equipment.  

    To clear your worries and guide you in identifying the problem of your loading dock, we have come up with these “10 Supertips to prevent your Loading Dock Problem”.

    Specifying The Correct Loading Dock Leveler for Your Facility


    Because a recessed dock leveler has a wider range of operation, it is the best choice to accommodate a wide range of bed heights. Only choose the Edge-of-dock (EOD) leveler if the facility operates within the EOD’s narrow range of applications.

    Read more to find out how to specify the correct Loading Dock Leveler for your facility.

    The Top 2 Common Dock Leveler Types - NJ NY

    A dock leveler forms a ramp to bridge the distance between the dock and truck. It must be able to compensate for the up-and-down movement of the trailer during loading and unloading. A dockleveler must support extremely heavy loads, service a wide range of truck heights, and compensate for tilted trucks. A dockleveler includes a ramp and a lip. The ramp is hinged at along its rear edge, and the lip is hinged at the front of the ramp. To use a dockleveler, raise the ramp. The lip will swing out. With the lip extended, lower the ramp until the lip rests on the truck. Find out the top 2 common dock leveler types here.                                                                                          

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    Repairs for Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment

    A damaged and inoperable loading dock leveler and dock plate can slow down your productivity.  Taking care of your loading dock equipment, like dock plates and dock levelers is part of a good business practice. 

    Problems with your Dock Plate may arise, if you will use it beyond the allowed load weight capacity. Since it is only suitable for moving light materials.  Dock Levelers, however connects the gap between the dock floor and trailer platform.  Checking your dock levelers and dock plates on a regular basis is the best preventive measure to stave off any malfunction, that can possibly cause slow work-flow, loss profits and injuries sustained in the loading dock area.

    Early detection of the problem can eliminate the possibility of facing stressful business dilemmas.  That's why its better ito keep your eyes and ears open when any of your loading dock equipment is  in use.   It is advisable to discontinue operating your loading  dock equipment, once any sign of malfunction is detected and resume until the problem is solved. 

    Our versatile team of  technicians at Loading Dock Inc, can offer sustainable solutions and value for service for your loading dock leveler equipment, including repairs for Kelly Dock Leveler equipment.

     Contact our reliable team of technicians at Loading Dock, Inc to schedule a service call for your Kelley Dock Leveler Plate Equipment.

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    Check out the types and models of Kelly Dock Loading Levelers that we service by reading more below.

    Repairs for your Blue Giant Dock Plate Equipment

    When you're looking for dock leveler repair, you want it to be fixed quickly.  As long as its not functioning well it may affect the productivity level of your business and will take a negative effect to your profit. You also want that kind of loading dock repair service that will make your dock levelers work efficiently for long time, delivering convenience and safety.

    Loading Dock Inc, has an extraordinary repair team that can replace and repair any kind of damage to loading dock equipment, Including service, replacements, parts and repairs for your Blue Giant Dock Plate Equipment.

    Blue Giant Dock Levelers started manufacturing dock leveler plate equipment since 1963. They offer dock levelers for any type of material-handling operations.  

    Find out the list of Blue Giant Dock Plate equipment that we service by reading more below.

    Repairs for your PowerRamp Loading Dock Plate Equipment

    A loading dock leveler plate is basically a  solid ramp, that efficiently connects the gap between the dock and the truck.  It plays an important role in moving light & heavy materials and safely when employees are working  in the loading dock area.  Manual spring dock plates are highly susceptible to cause accidents  if they have damaged welds, broken pull chain, faulty springs and have accumulated debris.  So instead of buying a new one, why  not just  get them serviced and repaired by  our competent team of highly experienced professionals at Loading Dock, Inc.

    What is a Dock Leveler?

    A dock leveler, or dock lift plate is simply a....

    Types of Dock Plates

    Loading dock plate levelers are one of the most important additions you can make to your dock.

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