Everything You Need to Know About Coiling Overhead Doors

Posted by Overhead Door Expert on April 21, 2022

You'd be surprised to learn how many choices you have when searching for coiling overhead doors and/or security grilles. 

Table of Content: 

1. What is a Coiling Door
2. Types of Coiling Doors: Roll-Up Doors and Security Grilles
3. High-Performance Coiling Doors and Security Grilles
4. Fire-Rated Coiling Doors & Fire-Rated Counter Doors
Coiling Counter Shutters (Rolling Counter Door)
6. Custom Design Coiling Doors

1. What is a Coiling Door?

Coiling overhead doors are also known as roll-up doors and rolling doors. These are metal slatted doors that roll up above the opening. While doing this, it forms a compact coil. They don't have cables or hinges that wear out and eventually require to be replaced.

Coiling roll-up doors are the preferred option over sectional doors in commercial settings as they usually last longer, while needing less maintenance.

Coiling Doors, Commercial Rolling Service DoorCoiling Overhead Doors

2. Types of Coiling Doors: Roll-Up Doors and Security Grilles

You can find a great variety of insulated and non-insulated coiling doors and security grilles with different features making your style unique. 

- Rolling Overhead Doors (Service Doors)

Rolling doors (insulated and non-insulated) are commonly used in outdoor entrance warehouses, parking garages, and loading docks, providing weather protection as well as security. 

* Learn About our Insulated Rolling Steel Doors
or About our High-Speed Rolling Doors *

At Loading Dock, Inc., we offer rolling service doors that can withstand up to 1 million open and close cycles.

Wayne Dalton Insulated Commercial Rolling Service Door, Coiling Door NJ NYCRolling Steel Door


- Security Grilles (Upward Coiling Security Grilles)

While rolling doors are usually installed outdoors, security grilles are often installed indoors. Security grilles are a great option for securing a store, restaurant, or parking garage while enabling airflow. They're commonly used in shopping malls, pharmacies, and parking garages, and even bars.

Side FoldingGrilles, Rolling Grilles and Coilling GrillesSecurity Grille in Mall

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3. High-Performance Coiling Doors and Security Grilles

High-performance coiling doors and high-performance security grilles are the best options for busy commercial applications or loading docks where shaving off precious time is key to staying competitive.  High-performance coiling doors open faster (up to three times faster) than standard overhead doors. These high-speed roll-up doors help maintain security (i.e. parking garage door) or even temperature control (i.e. food manufacturer), seconds are priceless when opening and closing frequently.

* Learn About the Advantages of High-Performance Doors for the
Pharmaceutical and Hospital Industry

Rapid Grille2High-Performance Security Grille for Parking Garage

4. Fire-Rated Roll-Up Doors & Counter Doors 

Commercial fire-rated doors help protect property and save lives in the event of an emergency. These doors are designed to close automatically in the event of a fire by confining both, the fire and the combustion gases, to a specific area for a longer period of time.

Fire Rated DoorsFire-Rated Rolling Door

5. Coiling Counter Shutters 

Counter shutters work the same as the overhead coiling garage doors

We offer a variety of smart, versatile, and stylish solutions to satisfy a variety of commercial, retail, corporate, and professional applications. Our rolling counter shutters and fire-rated counter doors provide attractive solutions for smaller openings. Ideal for commercial, retail, corporate, and professional environments such as ticket booths, concession stands, and food courts. 

Counter Roll Up Door NYC NJRoll-Up Counter Doors/Shutters

Coiling doors and security grilles are vital to many businesses.  When looking for a coiling overhead door or a new security grille for your facility, make sure you purchase a door made by a trusted brand.

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6. Custom Design Coiling Doors

At Loading Dock, Inc., we provide intelligent solutions that can offer an aesthetic design. If needed, we can create a custom design that matches the concept and needs that you have in mind.

Oversized Coiling Overhead Door in NJ NYCOversized Coiling Overhead Door

Our experts’ technicians are here to help you in any way you need to find the coiling door that’s right for you.

For more information, please give us a call at 973-471-4060 or email us at info@loadingdock.com. We've been serving New Jersey and New York City Metro area for 40+ years!

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