The Top 2 Dock Leveler Types | NJ & NYC Metro Area

Posted by Grey Decker Ariam on November 29, 2016

A dock leveler (also known as dock plate) forms a ramp to bridge the distance between the dock and truck. It must be able to compensate for the up-and-down movement of the trailer during loading and unloading.

LDI - Pit Style Dock Leveler, Recessed Dock Leveler, Dock Lift PlateDock Leveler

A dock leveler must support extremely heavy loads, service a wide range of truck heights, and compensate for tilted trucks.


How Does a Dock Leveler Work?

A dock leveler has a ramp and a lip. The ramp is hinged at along its rear edge, and the lip is hinged at the front of the ramp. To use a dock leveler, raise the ramp. The lip will swing out. With the lip extended, lower the ramp until the lip rests on the truck.

Dock Leveler (1)

Recessed/Pit-Style Dock Leveler


2 Most Common Dock Leveler Types:      

The two most common common dock leveler types are: recessed dock levelers and edge-of-dock levelers.

1. Recessed Dock Levelers | Pit-Style Dock Levelers:

Recessed dock leveler also known as pit-style dock levelers, are installed in a pit formed in the loading platform and is generally a minimum of 6 ft. long.

Recessed Dock Leveler Parts. Ramp, Lip, Dock Bumper NYC NJ, by Loading Dock, Inc.
Recessed/Pit-Style Dock Leveler


Dock Levelers Installed In NYC AreaRecessed/Pit-Style Dock Leveler Installed by Loading Dock, Inc.

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2. Edge-of-Dock Leveler

Edge-of-dock levelers are low cost and don't require breaking concrete.  They normally mount to the face of the dock and can be placed in a small recessed pit. This is a light duty low cost alternative to the pit-style loading dock levelers. It is typically used in an environment with minimal difference between trailer bed and dock and the unit is typically mounted to the dock face. These are not recommended for high volume dock traffic.

repairs for rite hite dock levelers edge of dock levelersHydraulic or Mechanical Edge-of-Dock Leveler


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